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Physical / Chemical Properties

Europe PVC Door and Window Systems paint does not want to care. Cold, heat, rain, sun and chemical effects such as wheather is resistant against. Heat, dust, water, and provides high insulation against noise. Europe `rigid PVC PVC profiles is produced by special additives. With this feature to ultraviolet radiation, is highly resistant to heat and fire. Interior of the galvanized steel support plate placement, increased resistance to wind power.
Chemical properties of rigid PVC material:
Acids, bases, detergents (detergents, soap), alcohols, oils (vegetable, animal), carbonic acid, gas or water resistant. Material is not flammable, flame does not pass, when the flame extinguishes fire source uzaklaşırıl. (According to DIN 4102 part 4 `is classified as B 2.) (See LLOYD report)
Physical Properties of rigid PVC material:
  1. Average expansion coefficient = 8010 K
  2. Thermal conductivity = 0.13 kcal/m2.hc
  3. Modulus> 20:00 N/mm2
  4. Tensile bending strength> 25 N/mm2
  5. Tensile compressive strength> 35 N/mm2