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Thermal Insulation Value

Heating and cooling in closed spaces One important point to be considered, is the thermal conductivity of the structural elements of space. Improvement of indoor heating and cooling efficiency will be selected for one of the most proficient way, preferably "insulator" is for materials. PVC is one of these materials. PVC represent the thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.13 kcal / m² h ° C `is. High levels of metals in the same table as the conductive material is most evident. Therefore, the Ministry of Public Works regulations represent 30 October 1981 with metal in joinery in Turkey is restricted.
When PVC is used:
Window Material Thermal Thermal Insulation Value (DIN 4108)
Type Meterial Coefficient of Thermal Insulation
Wood 0.12 kcal/m² hA°C
Plastic 0.13 kcal/m² hA°C
Iron  50 kcal/m² hA°C
Aluminium 175 kcal/m² hA°C